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Maplewood Township is primarily a residential community widely known for its suburban charm and attractive homes on tree-lined streets. There is a real sense of community and a good chance that you can buy a starter home and then ultimately move in town to the home of your dreams without ever leaving the many friends you have made over the years. Well-kept homes and well-maintained streets, cultural center, parks and other public properties all add much to the natural beauty of the area. The center of Maplewood, a quaint four block center with commuter train access to New York City, is particularly charming and well-designed, with an old-fashioned English feel and lovely for pedestrians. About 95 percent of the homes are owner-occupied. Maplewood is a peaceful town with lovely eighteenth-century and Victorian houses and villas complemented by sensitively designed contemporary homes and townhouses. Typical prices range from around $190,000 for a Victorian three-bedroom to around a million for large Victorian estates. Quiet tree lined streets wind through town with fascinating architectural examples of every description. You will see stately Tudors, charming Victorians, gracious Colonials and an occasional Contemporary, Most of the town's housing stock was built in the 1920's, and the homes reflect the vitality and quality construction of that era.

The great variety of dwellings here attracts many families who are looking for a home suited to their way of living, tastes and needs. Many new residents of Maplewood are former city people looking for a little of the sophisticated quiet we have to offer and improving their commute to NYC jobs at the same time. Maplewood Train Station provides direct access to New York City.

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